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    Unlock Your Brain's Potential with Neurofeedback

    Neurofeedback is brain exercise. Neurofeedback training can help you improve your attention, cognitive abilities, and emotional regulation.

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  • Monthly Tours

    Free Monthly Tours

    Learn about the training process directly from a Neurofeedback Clinician.

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  • Neurofeedback Session

    Who can benefit from Neurofeedback training?

    Individuals of any age can benefit from EEG training. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, drug / alcohol use or you are a peak performer who wants to enhance your abilities in sports, business and the arts, Neurofeedback training can help.

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  • Private Rooms

    Private Neurofeedback training rooms

    Neurofeedback sessions at Murrieta Neurofeedback Center are conducted in private rooms with your comfort and privacy in mind.

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  • Murrieta Neurofeedback Location

    In your neighborhood

    We're located in Temecula at 41690 Enterprise Cir N, Suite 112. Come in for a visit and we'll help you put together a program suited to your needs.

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What We Do

Individual, couples, family and children counseling. Specializes in the treatment of trauma and abuse issues.
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Provides biofeedback for a range of mental and physical symptoms by retraining the brain to form more adaptive patterns.
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QIKtest to identify deficits in neurocognitive function.
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Enjoy this brief overview of Neurofeedback

What to expect during a training session

Our Support

Your solution to emotional and physical stress without medications. Maximize your counseling effectiveness by pairing it with neurofeedback.

Where We Are

41690 Enterprise Cir N, Suite 112
Temecula, CA 92590
Murrieta Neurofeedback Center: 1.800.330.3658
Beverly Counseling Associates: 951.719.1635
951.693.3040 (fax)
Dr. Ann Lowe: 951.529.7859
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